“Tinig ng Pag-asa” – Voice of Hope for Youth Engagement

Tinig ng Pag-Asa is a song about encouraging young Filipino people to take charge of their lives by engaging at the local, national and global levels.  It is hoped that parents, families and various communities will guide and inspire them to participate and take action in order to improve their access to resources and transform their consciousness through their beliefs, values, and attitudes.

About the Philippine-Inspired, Ethnic Flavoured Song

Philippine-Inspired Youth Song Launched in Ireland

“Tinig ng Pag-Asa” (Voice of Hope) was launched in Ireland on August 29, 2020 to kick-off an online sing-along challenge for Filipino youth empowerment.   The ethnic-flavoured tune was created to honour UNESCO International Youth Day 2020 themed “Youth Engagement for Global Action.” Embellished with unique Philippine indigenous instruments such as the kulintang, kubingpiri bamboo flute, kudyapibungkaka and tungatong, the Tagalog song was composed by 2020 Philippine Presidential Award Banaag Category Nominee Vanda Brady and produced and arranged by multi-awarded composer/musician Diwa de Leon, grandson of National Artist Felipe Padilla de Leon.   The launch track was performed by 13-year old Teen Champion Vocalist Fiona Cassandra Vargas who was born in Ireland to Filipino parents.  The song is an entry to the 2020 International Songwriting Competition (World Music, Category), an annual international contest judged by a prestigious panel of music industry professionals.  

Ms. Brady, who plays 5 instruments, composed a melody on the piano while in her teens in her hometown in South Cotabato which developed into a music sheet 15 years later after collaborating with co-lyricist Divine Gil Reyes at J. Romero & Associates advertising agency in Makati.  It was produced and arranged recently into a patriotic masterpiece by US-based Gawad Urian Awardee Diwa de Leon.  Now an active community leader in Ireland, Ms. Brady is promoting the song to empower young Filipinos around the world by inviting cover artists, musicians and non-professional singers to do their own performance of the catchy and uplifting musical creation.  “I hope “Tinig ng Pag-asa” will be heard and sung across the globe to encourage young Filipinos to take charge of their lives by engaging at the local, national and global levels. Parents, families, and various communities should inspire our young leaders to take action in order to improve their access to resources and transform their consciousness through their beliefs, values, and attitudes.”  

On arranging the song, Diwa de Leon said, “I’m honoured to be a part of this project. Vanda wrote a wonderful song and I’m glad to put my own cinematic-ethnic spin on it.”

Launch singer Fiona Cassandra Vargas is the 2020 Silver Medalist of the World Championship of Performing Arts, 2019 Ireland’s Talent Search Contender, 2018 Kildare’s Got Talent First Runner Up, and 2018 Role Model for Social Inclusion of South Dublin Council.  “I am so happy be chosen as the teen artist to unveil an inspirational Philippine song for the rising generation.  Singing it in the national language makes me appreciate my roots and my parents’ home country even more.”

The Philippine Honorary Consulate in Ireland has been implementing youth projects since Consul Raymond Christopher Garrett was appointed to his post in April 2019.  “Tinig ng Pag-asa” is a virtual collaboration of talented Filipino professionals in three continents.  To see it grow into a powerful song in only three weeks was phenomenal.  We cannot wait to see Filipinos around the world perform their own rendition of the song which will bring Philippine talent and culture to the forefront.”   

“Tinig ng Pag-asa” (Voice of Hope) is open to the public for a sing-along challenge.  For more information and downloadable tracks, go to www.pinoycraic.com/voiceofhopesong/. Help goes to Belfast-based charity Ten Foundations which supports vulnerable children living in Balayan, Batangas, Philippines. 

Listen to “Tinig ng Pag-asa” performed and arranged by Diwa de Leon

Launch Track by 13-year old Fiona Cassandra Vargas, Teen Champion Vocalist

In celebration of UNESCO’s International Youth Day, the song was launched on August 29, 2020 by 13-year old teen champion vocalist Fiona Cassandra Vargas of award-winning youth band The Bright Lights.

Fiona Cassandra Vargas is the 2020 Silver Medalist of the World Championship of Performing Arts, 2019 Ireland’s Talent Search Contender, 2018 Kildare’s Got Talent First Runner Up, and 2018 Role Model for Social Inclusion of South Dublin Council. Fiona is a Second Year student in Holy Family Catholic School in Newbridge, Co. Kildare.  She plays the ukulele, loves to dance, and admires Moira, Morissette and Sarah Geronimo.   She was born in Ireland to Vic Vargas from Gattaran, Cagayan Valley and Shiela Vargas from Cebu.  Fiona and Shiela have been living in Ireland since 2001 where Shiela works as a Quality Assurance Supervisor while Vic continues to run their own restaurant in the Philippines.

Learn the Lyrics & Share

Tinig ng Pag-Asa Performed by Fiona Vargas with Lyrics & Translation

We hope the message of the song reaches as many people around the world. Join the Sing-Along challenge, create your own version, perform on Facebook Live, do a Tik Tok, or simply share the song and nominate people who might be interested to join. Make your own solo cover or with a group by downloading the files and send your audio or video recording with a photo and a background about yourself to vandabrady@yahoo.co.uk.


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Written by Vanda Brady & Divine Gil Reyes, Translated by Joy Watford

Tinig ng Pag-asa


Masdan niyo kung kayo’y may panahon

Mga katulad kong kung saan-saan naroroon

Naliligaw, Iniiwan 

Nagkakalat sa lansangan 

Wala nang magandang natututunan 


Ang kabataan ang lakas ng bayan 

Pilipinong di dapat pinababayaan 

Ituro niyo sa akin kung ano ang dapat kong gawin 

Ako’y inyong akayin sa landas na dapat piliin 

Hwag hayaang maligaw 

Kailangan ng gabay gabi at araw 

Ang bukas ko’y nasa kamay ninyo 

Hindi ba? 


Mahirap man o mayaman 

Di alam kung saan nagtungo ang magulang

Nakababad sa kung ano man ang pinaglilibangan

Walang sumasaway dahil bata pa naman



Kami ang tagapamana ng hinaharap 

Kay taas at kay ganda ng mga pangarap 

Para sa ating bansa, ngunit saan magsisimula? 

Ngayon kailangan ang inyong pagkalinga 



Kami ang yaman at lakas ng bayan 

Ang batang Pilipino, huwag dapat pabayaan

Voice of Hope


Take a look, if you have time to spare

You’ll see people like me everywhere

Lost or left behind

Roaming the streets

With nothing good to learn


The youth are the nation’s strength

We’re Filipinos who shouldn’t be neglected

Teach me what I should do

Guide me towards the right path

Don’t let me go astray

I need your guidance day and night

My future is in your hands,

Is it not?


Rich or poor alike

We don’t know where our parents are

Too absorbed in things that pass the time

With no one to tell us no because we’re still young



We are the heirs to the future

With big and beautiful dreams

For our country, but where should we even start?

We need your protection now



We are the wealth and strength of our nation

Don’t abandon the Filipino youth


RODELLE BORJA – Ireland’s Got Talent Semi-Finalist 2018

Rodelle Borja is a Registered General Nurse at Tara Winthrop Private Clinic in Dublin. He moved to Ireland on January 8, 2018. Hailing from Pasonanca, Zamboanga City, Rodelle is also Ireland’s Got Talent 2019 Finalist. His fascinating voice has wowed a global audience and he continues to use singing as an opportunity to unwind and get away from stress at work.

The Composer – Vanda Brady

Tinig ng Pag-Asa was composed by Vanda Brady, Nominee for the 2020 Philippine Presidential Awards Banaag Category 2020.   It started with an instrumental piano composition she made when she was 14 years old in Polomolok, South Cotabato, followed by a combined effort on the lyrics with her copywriting colleague Divine Gil at an ad agency in Makati in her 20’s, then to a musical sheet when she was working in her 30’s in London.   Now an active community volunteer in Ireland where she helps Filipino migrants and other nationalities, she is focusing her efforts on the youth by engaging and empowering young Filipino talents through “Tinig ng Pag-Asa,” an inspiring song to celebrate our young, future leaders and mobilisers.

ORIGINAL MUSIC SCORE – PERFORMED BY Vanda Brady, Produced & Arranged by Roel Mabeza

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