Pinoy Technicians Embrace Warm Weather in Rural Ireland

Filipino Insulation Technicians on a warm day at Kilnaleck, Co. Cavan, Ireland

Only two months in a remote area in Ireland, six Filipino technicians  employed by a busy insulation company in Cavan embrace the familiar warm weather at their communal home not far from their workplace. 

The hardworking skilled workers who cannot wait for their families to join them in a small village called Kilnaleck are Allen Del Rosario (Cebu), Hipolito Betiz (Quezon City), Francis Dimaala (Taguig), Fredie Jose (Ilocos Norte), Loreto Limbera (Pampanga), and Jonathan Dumancas (Iloilo). 

Proud for being the first Filipinos hired by the company, the deserving workers lazed in their lounge clothes on the first warmest summer day in Ireland. 

“We believe that luck, prayers, and our 5-year overseas construction experience made us succeed over other applicants,” said Allen Del Rosario. 

Their manpower recruitment agency in the Philippines also secured work placements for other workers – two recycling workers in Cavan Town and eleven gymsum board installers in Galway. 

Author: Vanda Brady