Weaving Filipino & Irish Music

Weaving Cultures:  A Tradition that Unites

Listen to Dawn’s rendition of the Visayan lullaby “Ili-Ili, Tulog Anay” (Sleep Little One) in Visayan, English, and Gaelic, and Three Irish Polkas played on a Filipino Bamboo flute by her daughter.

Dawn Zabala-Dickey is an Educator-Singer-Storyteller and Consultant for Steiner Education and mentor for Philippines, Ireland, Vietnam and Singapore. She implemented a wholeyear celebration of Filipino-Irish Festivals with songs and verses in Filipino and Gaelic. A University of the Philippines Singing Ambassador, she leads forest & nature-based Parend & Child Circles where she incorporates the richness of Philippine Folk Songs and Folk Tales. Dawn continues the advocacy on promoting the Filipino culture and support for the new generation of conscious parenting.